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Seller Financed Notes

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Have you recently sold a home with seller financing? Are you receiving monthly payments from a land contract, mortgage, contract for deed or other seller financed debt? Would you prefer receiving a lump sum of cash rather than collecting payments for years – month after month?

We have a solution for you. Here at Notes 2 Self, you can sell all or part of your note and receive cash now.

How Does It Work?


We are looking for notes with the following attributes:

  1. Single Family Residence, Condo, Multifamily (up to 4 units) or Townhouse
  2. Minimum unpaid balance $30,000
  3. First position notes only
  4. Minimum payment history (seasoning) 180 Days
  5. Payer credit score: for notes with 6 months to one year seasoning – 650+
    for notes with more than one year seasoning – 600+
  6. Minimum Down Payment: 10%
  7. Rehab deals require at least one year of seasoning

Get A Free Quote

Free, No Obligation Quote

  1. To receive a free quote, click here to download and fill out our Mortgage Quote Sheet.
    There is absolutely NO Obligation.
  2. After filling it out, scan and email the Mortgage Quote Sheet to info@notes-2-self.com.
    That’s it for now. We may need additional information when we contact you, so you will want to be prepared by following the remaining steps below…
  3. Gather all the following documents (where applicable) :
    a. Promissory Note
    b. Deed of Trust or Mortgage
    c. Warranty Deed
    d. Homeowner’s Insurance Declaration Page
    e. Closing Statement (HUD1) / Settlement Statement or Proof of Down Payment
    f. Previous Title Policy
    g. Payment History
  4. The above items are standard for most transactions. However, if the property was sold via Land Contract or Contract for Deed, we will only need the following documents:
    a. Copy of the Land Contract or Contract for Deed
    b. Proof of Down Payment
    c. Payment History
    d. Proof of Insurance
  5. Keep all of these documents in a safe place until you hear back from us.

Notes 2 Self

Cash has “time value” which means cash today is worth more than cash in the future. Following this philosophy, it only makes sense to receive one lump sum rather than collect payments over a long period of time. Selling your notes helps accomplish that goal.

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